I work with individuals, teams, organisations and communities to improve, sustain and notice connections. With an eye for patterns in relationships I work across the piece to bring as much difference that is needed to support relational processes and design and maintain structures to support them.

Though how I do this may look, feel and be different over time I’ve noticed some familiarities that I use to a greater or lesser degree depending on the context.

  1. The initial stage and throughout I agree the lose boundaries for my work. A process called contracting which can take many forms and could be as simple as a conversation with an individual or agreeing grounding statements at the start of a workshop session or meeting.
  2. Though I’ll have already been doing, this is where the doing gets more visible and focused to needs. It could be in bringing energy or deep listening depending on what we have agreed or what I have noticed in a group or that could generally be foretold. So I’m best where groups, teams or communities are forming or where they have ossified.
  3. Over time I balance how much of David you want with how much you need. Sometimes my greatest insight can be small but impactful and there is measure to be had in both what it takes to get to them and how many can be sustained.
  4. A skill that I’m still refining in what I do is always looking to see where the energy is coming from and how it can be sustained either by doing things with others or talking through my process with others.
  5. Though it applies for any part of my work as we’re going though the process or even in a workshop I will be making consensus decisions when to step in and step out. The most important part of all journeys I have learned is how you begin and end.
  6. After I have stepped out, weather that is part of the process, or at the end I consciously reflect to refine what I do.

I’ll work for you because: I believe in you. I feel like our values align. I want to grow and change again. We are ready to put time and energy to it. We are confident this will cause positive change. That last one is tricky to qualify, but even at the most drastic of closing organisations I’ve brought humanity and humility to it.

This is what I do.

Working from Defra in the Future Farming and Countryside Programme, OneTeamGov and UKGovCamp. Government romantic and lover of tea