Weeknotes S02:08

Funny week, lots of endings, some middlings and a few begins.


I’m guess I was conscious this week about endings, my god farther passed away last week, and my mum and dad were at a funeral this week.

Monday was a bit slower, I was depressed possibly due to a sugar high on Sunday from a fantastic cake, but also the everything is new and shinie is not so much there any more with work. Don’t get me wrong I’m still immensely enjoying it but it’s definitely a marathon with sprints and I know how effective the walk run walk run walk run method is and given I’m naturally predisposed to doing that I go with it.

It’s also funny how an ending in one context gives an opportunity for a beginning in another and so is really a middling. Though I’ve finished my advanced practitioner course last year a few of us met up on Thursday evening for a chat and a drink and this almost felt like a beginning. Though I then went on to see my team in Defra and that was definitely an ending as the team is being split in two and responsibilities giggled about. Though in reality in terms of my working life it’s just a middling as I won’t be far.


So actual beginnings are quite hard to find for me. Because things stretch back far. I’m reminded at this point about a Pet and Dud sketch.

I’ve got distracted. On Tuesday I met up with Gemma from The Children’s Society and it was lovely, there is lots for me to learn about lots of things. Gemma made me think deeply about Systems and Systems Thinking. It was nice to connect in person and I hope to meet again soon I signed up to an event, that Gemma recommended which sounds like my kind of fun.

I also had a lovely chat with Louise who was interested in talking through experiences. And Louise is going to come and help with the final phase of the beautiful and lovely project.

Nush, Amber, Scott and I did the sift for the Cross Government Policy Advisors on Thursday which was good fun. Being together when we did it and doing some pomodoros helped. Though it’s just a case of buckling down and concentrating which is a little tricky when people on another table are discussing the ins and outs of the 5G contract stuff, still I put my fingers in my rates and buckled down. We have a strong list of people to interview which is great, so lots of new beginnings being made, and also sadly many endings. Still it’s good to have done it in a week so people armed left hanging in suspense too long.


If you know me you know that I pattern spot. And something that I have presumed for a while is now definitely confirmed as something that could be seen as an ending but I definitely want to see as a middling.

I had a lovely chat with Matt Buck (no relation) who is going to help out at the Civil Service Group awayday which is great, though I’m sorry that the opportunity for us to work again is as a result of corona virus.

I also had a lovely chat with Leigh-Ann we go back at least 13 years. Having time to chat and explore is a lovely thing and a gift. We went back into the Department for Culture, Media and also Sports and Digital and Data and and and. We looked at the Great Bear the best London Tune map.



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