Weeknotes 5th November

I’ve had a slower than slow start today. Feeling a bit queeze at lunch I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to eat, but I did and I had a couple of paracetamol. My bodies reaction to doing some things, like facilitating/holding space is quite odd — if predictable in that it will react. I’m rambling — sorry I’ll go away and come back later and see if that helps.

Some time later…

I was off last week: old ships, family and milk from a vending machine would be my summary. On Wednesday when I was getting a bit of a headache I use the milk bottle as a water bottle — works ok, will be doing it again.

I love how Parliament works in the open, I watched this back on Tuesday Parliamentlive.tv — Public Accounts Committee where our Programme was under scrutiny. I wondered why Janet wasn’t there as well as Paul. Though I was keen on the content, I was just as much interested in the use of langue verbal and body and tone. The big problem is you can read a lot into not a lot sometimes.

I watched and read some things about COP 26, form a work perspective we are part of the gearing towards Net-Zero, though you do wonder when were get beyond that into sequestration of historical outputs.

I agreed to take part in an Expression Off Interest informative chat for the Service Team — and looked at Success Profiles — Civil Service Behaviours (publishing.service.gov.uk) again. As well as the applications and the role spec.

I’ve notyet listened too — Beth Fox on Twitter: “This came up today in a @OneTeamGovVT conversation. And it came up in a brilliant pod cast with @teejohnny that I listened to yesterday: https://t.co/EURV35w9zT" / Twitter but saw Beth at OneTeamGov Virtual at FW50 which was lovely though a shame I couldn’t join on the mobile and sooner but having had toast butter and tea I was chatting till 10:30pm

In other OneTeamGov news We have an opportunity to do something at next years UK Civil Service Live events. There plans so far are to do 4 face to face events and one virtual event hosted from one of the live events in June/July next year and I wondered if anyone might interested in discussing what we could do so reached out on OneTeamGov slack.

I signed up to the Friday Wooodoaks Farm volunteer hedgerow planting day I must rambler to take my own gloves. I’m hoping the weather will be good.

After thinking I was all caught up I found 147 unread emails in my deleted box — I thought it was all to simple on Monday. Still most were junk.

This week in the Organisation Dynamics Team we have been blocking out time for User Resarch sessions over the next to weeks as we prep for our next round user research. On Monday in our planning session we developed hypothoses and questions.

Thursday was this months SLT Awayday at Roots and Shoots, it felt productive, we used a phone to make sure people dialling in could hear and had them on the screen. I really wasn’t sure about how things would turn out, but am quite comfortable in the session. I’m separately working out why that is and/or how to get the best form me.




Working from Defra in the Future Farming and Countryside Programme, OneTeamGov and UKGovCamp. Government romantic and lover of tea

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Working from Defra in the Future Farming and Countryside Programme, OneTeamGov and UKGovCamp. Government romantic and lover of tea

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