Weeknotes 4th March

4 min readMar 4, 2022


My memories of the past effect how I see the possibilities of the future. Is a thought I had in a meeting this week when someone else was talking, I felt it was important to make a note of it so added it to here so I can track it. But now it’s Friday and I don’t quite recall that meeting, it seemed to be a week rammed full of meetings I’m glad my diary doesn’t look like that next week. I think it mainly occurred because I was doing a three minute slot at the Programme Update and wanted get things lined up. I was also out today visiting our venue for Together Day. It’s very odd but walking round a place is very different from looking at a plan and it’s a step change again when the venue is full with people. What full will look and feel like will depend on where we are with Covid in June. It was nice seeing the other organisers in person. Carolyn was wearing a yellow top and long blue cardigan I wanted to hug her but didn’t there were more people about from the venue and it felt more businessie though they were utterly delightful, helpful caring and attentive, I could see us coming back in a couple of years. Have I said before that I see Together Days as events that happen every other year. After we had had a look around and a batter I showed the crew how to do 25/10 card sort and an impromptu conversation occurred over the top scoring card. As we were doing it or maybe just after I felt I needed to check in with Janet to see if she also wants to do the improve networking, I think it could work quite well, need to think of the questions also need to see if Janet will do that or just a view from the bridge.

Oh my I have a lot to say this week… I’ve not been doing emails or other typing all day and I’m now on a train though about to change (fingers crossed the tube is working). It is I just checked tfl.gov.uk a wonderful part of the World Wide Web. Back in a tick

As I transferred trains I took this picture. There was a que of people holding onto half a trolley and taking pictures just round the corner. There was in the morning as well. I felt this whole trolley could do with some love. Second train was a Watford which was nice, also other than this morning at home I’ve not been in a rush all day, it’s been a very nice change of pace, though it was equally nice to get things done this week so there nothing hanging around. I’ve noticed a curious saying not recently but as I was in doing mode some days I noticed it this week. People say things like ‘we could do x’ or ‘it would be good if x’ or ‘I have an idea that…’ all of which tend to point to something really valuable to do but come with no intention of doing it… so why you ask say it and indeed I don’t. Sometimes I’m brimming with ideas and thoughts of what to do I write some down there a postit on my desk for a scratch band the idea of a bring and buy sale but what I haven’t done is take up lots of time saying lots of things that could be done. This is one of the reasons I really love working with Sharon she isn’t in the business of drumming up more business but very much in the business of done. All that said sometimes ideas float out of my mouth before I can catch them. When there are less doers in a group this is definitely something to watch out for. I also feel bad that Sharon has a growing long list of things in one team, but I know next week isn’t the week for me to support so in one meeting I sat on my hands.

In the hour between trains this morning I did the outline of a presentation. Pen on paper. I bought Russell’s book with me for further fantastic tips on what to do and not. I hope to have it done by close on Monday. I must send the report to Janet, Paul and Colin.

Monday this week felt hard, with enormity of the War in Ukraine sinking and the reality of needing to get on with the mundane.

Tuesday started with the ODD community day but I couldn’t stay long and the lunch time didn’t suit so well so Though I had the opportunity to go back for 30min I didn’t as I wanted to be ready for the Programme Update where we put out a ready only version of a user research theming and a sliders survey, which we’re doing For just a week.

Wednesday started with Sharon hosting a Line Manager check-in. Emma did a lot of talking but the best insight was the Alpha hill, I also noticed that someone would like to take redundancy (even though it’s not on the cards it made me ponder… on my own… if we should find a way to offer it to those that want it.) If only I could find that person and talk to them.

On Thursday Sharon, Charles and I meet, Beja formally handed in his notice and there was a Bonus Panel meeting.

And as I said on Friday we went to visit the #FFCPTogetherDay venue.




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