Weeknotes 27th August

2 min readAug 28, 2020


Our old Electricity Meter, it was a classic


It’s been a strange day in a good way lots to chew over. I feel I keep missing someone, not literally but figuratively we have conversations about the work that we’re doing in the team and we seem to be on the same page but then suddenly we miss each other and it feels like we are on opposite sides, we’re not directly in the same team but we work really closely together. Now I’ve worked that out I’ll set up a chat to work through it a bit.

Lots of thinking swilling around abound boundaries, about the past and the present and how they effect the future about boundaries along the line of communication and co-creation about who we are as individuals in search of our best selves. The boundary between Political and political and cultural norms that hinder. These patterns showed up all day.

Lots of looking at plans for the October thing let’s call it project A. I’m no fan of plans they make little sense in my head as a list of tasks, it’s all trees and no wood so to speak, still I know it will help others so I lean in – but rationally given we are losing team members not gaining them it seems a little ambiguous (oh crap 💩 I just argued against myself for planning). Still you can work it out with a backlog, still I didn’t keep Trello up to date – I think though I’m even less likely to keep a plan up to date. I must raise this with X tomorrow.


Absolutely stunning returns in the call for views. Great chat with X. Lovely chat about Reform Champions and with Reform Champions, long day mange to do a 15min power walk at lunch – dogs were confused.

Said two things I don’t think I should have bound to have said others. Changed some text Broke a link changed a link. Responded to emails from people from when we had the short outage pleading for them to try again.

Thought about some things very deeply did some things really quickly not quite found a good rhythm. Didn’t look at any plans just the post-its I have.



Prep for GovCamp 2021 — what can I say, what a great bunch of people.



Lovely chats. I needed those.


Another lovely chat with a small group of Reform Champions — we came out with a mission to set up a What Hack. I’m quite excited, though now it’s time to take a 1/2 day away from the laptop. PostIts written so brain can restart on Tuesday.




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