Weeknotes 22 October

Reflections on a Monday

I often start a week thinking I’m going to read more, but don’t have the energy after reading for work and home. Today rather than just listening to music I also listened to an audio book whilst updating slides for the FFCP Introduction on Wednesday.

And then the rest of the week happened

Tuesday was classically the day where I felt most productive. It’s odd what makes me feel productive, a meeting finished early so I went and got my hair cut. But more than that it was a day where I was in full flow. It’s odd to me because productivity seems to be something that measures output rather than in-put where listening a book doesn't feel productive but sending an email does… how odd.

Memory Jar

Seems odd but the fact that it’s been a rather balmy 19°C during the day one day followed by 8°C walk to school a few days later is a little odd — though both are welcomed. I miss what in my memory were more clearly delineated seasons.



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