Weeknotes 19th Nov

I did a really odd thing this week, as I was doing things I started in my head to write out my weeknotes — that is very odd. I have no idea what they were maybe my subconscious will. Go subconscious go :)

It’s been another week. Brighter I think than last week though I feel there is a general recognisation in me that I’m slowing down for winter. I say that knowing that next week has lots of moving parts which aren't settled yet. They will and it will all be ok when we get there.

I had a lovely chat with Nour this week, I popped in London to catch-up and then see if I could see anyone in the office, I tried very mildly. The office feels like an alien place. I’m used to bouncing between offices it’s what I did but no office feels like my home office. Home feels like my office now — it’s all very odd. Hopefully when the refurb is finished in 2 Marsham Street where I’m based technically I’ll feel like I can put roots down. It will be like a fresh canvas. I’m not sure when it’s starting or indeed finishing. We talked about lots of things, including my pay issue which we both admit is not great and the result of a very odd process that we could see lots of ways to resolve.

I had a nice chat with Rayne who may be taking me on as her mentor. She’s keen on building kills in organisation development and design so it would seem a good match.

Something came up in a male Allyship Workshop that I attended that made me stop and think about something else that I’ve been thinking about since my chat with Stefan. Which was to ‘call out the good’ and for me that was a bit of a revelation a way in to having a conversation with a group about it’s dynamics something that I find hard/ want to get better at and do it well and in a respectful way which leaves the group enriched not diminished.

In the FFCP Gender Based Violence action group were gearing up for the 16 Days of Activism which starts on the 25 November, the MS Teams chat is getting very busy, documents are being crafted, sessions are being organised and it’s all a very wonderful. I’m going to have to rere set-up the listing circle that I was due to facilitate but I don't think I mind. When it happens it will be the right time.

In the OrgDynamics Team the research were doing into ‘What does work feel like when things get difficult’ is going well. I did to User Research interviews this week and a group session with Sharon. The insights are good, the conversations can be hard. It’s absolutely a topic that we needed to discuss and the actions that come of it will need to be clear for people that have participated.

Great FFCP People chat this week, it’s really interesting to see how things spread in an organisation. On that note someone in a focus group I was running for the HR Policy Team and EDI Team on the revision of famili policies said we should bring back the ‘Be Kind’ badges. Lovely and interesting. That focus group session was hard, in that there was a very deep level of sharing mischarge, IVF, fostering, pregnancy are not generally something that we talk about and indeed as men. Blooming stereo types / labels / gender as a symbolic institution.

And last lee by not least leigh prep for the EDI workshop at ExCo gathered at pace, great discussions and it feels like it’s all coming together. I’ve added redrafting the Miro to next weeks list.

As ever and always there were lots of other lovely chats this week…… hang on I forgot the first FFCP Lighting Talks session where 5 teams spoke for 5mins with optionally 5 slides it was a great session I learned so much and glowed an internal positive glow when it was recommended to understand more deeply Landscape Recovery that you read Wilding which was nice.