Weeknotes 18th September

As a team we had quite a lot on this week. At home we had quite a lot on. Collectively in the Civil Service, in the UK, in Society as a whole we too have quite a lot on.

On Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning Eloise was unwell ‘poo rain’ so not Covid 19. So Wednesday and half of Thursday I was mainly not doing Reform Team things but doing things like washing many toys. X was brilliant as ever covering the gaps I had left and making sure nothing fell threw. I hope next week is in some way more predictable.

For the first time in I’d guess 16 years I sent a submission to a minister. I say a as I drafted it but as with all submissions and particularly as I was out a bit they as far as I have ever and I assume always are a team sport. It’s hard doing something you have not done for a while, but it’s not impossible. I wonder what else I haven’t done for a while that I still can.

Some days and Monday was definitely one of these I really do feel I lack focus and have an increased sense of fatalism and apathy. It can come at any day it can be with me for half a day or up to three. I wonder sometimes why and at other times I just know, though knowing isn’t always helpful and is also very deceptive.

On Thursday I opened up the Refrom Champions call, this time it was topic based on the October Document. Everyone seemed to enjoy it which was great, though I really do miss the feadback in a room as I couldn’t tell, also comparing meant I was looking at slido and my notes and not peoples faces. All that said comparing with a group of about 75 people is not something I used to jump at in the past, for precisely the same reason the feedback. Still this is something that I had at least been learning to overcome and deal with. Some things remain constantly true in that I find getting organised and getting fresh air before hand help.

Amongst my Friday things I started poking about with some different analogically tools, and as I write this I remember the article on that and user research and profiles that I sent to myself. Next week feels like a land of new possibilities, one which I know I will change and reprioritise my focus which is in its own way quite liberating to know that the thing which seems the most important task will not be by the end of the day on Monday.



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