Weeknotes 17th September

2 min readSep 17, 2021


After I have had a singular focus, everything other type of focus is a bit meh. And though a brilliant week, aside from the soggy start and overeating snacks, it’s a bit well meh. I don’t feel like I’ve finished anything, (though I have), I’ve also started things and progressed other things so there now feels like more lose ends. Oh well.

Mike our Delivery Manager reviled a tidier more streamlined Trello during our retrospective this week and I really like it. It’s really clear where the focus is. Though I still have a massive card of all the things I brought over with me, which I ort to update/check it’s up-to-date.

I found some moments this week to go outside and sit in the sun to work after the soggy snacky day and this was just wonderful. There’s less sun about and this is something that always effects me. It’s time for the energy filled hyperactive patterns of summer to pass and embrace both the new schools routine and the start of autumn, and double down (sounds like a warmer duvet) on finding sunshine when I can.

This week at All Hands on Tuesday Josiah from @Hodmedod (https://hodmedods.co.uk/) came to talk a little about what they do. How they are helping through stories increase the consumption of pulses. Josiah used what I think was the biggest word of the week which sounds just awesome – organoleptically. Now the funny thing is I really like pulses… when someone else cooks them. I think I need to start experimenting.

I had a lovely chat with Carolyn, who worked in the Organisation Dynamics team and showed me the ropes for User Research. Which I’m starting to get itchy about getting back too. It reminded me of a college we have in common and the first Environmental Land Mangment tool that I created… way way back in 2004. I wonder if I still have it.

I had the first pre-planning session with Misha, Rohan, Gordon and Amy for the next Senior Leadership Awayday which was great. A fantastic session is starting to come together on the vision. Which makes me think I need to read our newly approved business case for 22–24 and the NAO report that Janet sent out this week.

It took me a whole week to find the headspace to put the ask for volunteers for the Together Day organising committee into an email.

I attended a talk from @AntheaSully about @WhiteRibbon_UK and violence against women and our societal narrative. So many practical steps. The first being making the promise, so I did that.

There were lots of other lovely chats as well, somethings hard and even more important to discuss.




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