Weeknotes 17th July


Made it 😀


Good day. I could only just pop in for the first 30mins of OneTeamGov Breakfast — it was lovely as ever. I’m now raking my brain as to who shared this in the group I was in https://www.craiglarman.com/wiki/index.php?title=Larman%27s_Laws_of_Organizational_Behavior


I feel, as I come to bed, slightly cut adrift. I had some lovely conversations today and progressed on the Champions update slidepack. We had our penultimate team session, I move teams next week. What’s odd here is that on the work front nothing changes, it appears to just be a paper exercise. But its not. The Strategic Framework Team/Systems Unit and Civil Service Group of which they were apart were my Cabinet Office Home, in fact Policy Lab another part of Civil Service Group used to sit in the very same desks I used to frequent on the 4th Floor in 1 Horse Guards when I worked a few days a week in Cabinet Office on the move of the UK Location Programme into data.gov.uk. It turns out James and I crossed paths as we both worked up their and on data.gov.uk. At some point I’ll need to go in to collect things, but I’m in no rush and the risk factor for our family is too high.


Focus for today, get Champions slidepack done. Yes I did ;) well as ever it was a team effort and as ever it came together at the end. I was looped in for planning for a workshop in another team, made my head spin slightly. I was glad I had no meetings all day so I could get my head down. Made a few changes to the engagement platform, I did it before breakfast. We also made a great start on the team slidepack, though that distracted me some what so I opted to put it down and focus on the Champions update pack.



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