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Made it 😀

Ok so there were all kinds of last minute changes, and then beyond last minute and more changes because there had been changes and things that were decided became undecided when more people who are paid to have options had options and people that like process needed placating and more changes and tweaks and so it went on well into Monday night.

Then my college and friend who I have been collaborating with caught me on the hope when things started to bounce, but by 6am everything was sorted and ready for people to have more options on and make changes – don’t get me wrong I think all of this in many cases makes what we do better and though we are live there will still be some tinkering-I made a list and had a good lunch break.

Now strangely I can’t point you to what is live, but if you find out what is live please do tell your friends, tell your colleagues and tell them we are listening. Maybe by the end of the week this will change, maybe not.

Though I was and am now tired, I feel very much like a load has lifted. I very much sense that I won’t be getting migraines for a while and I’ll be taking more care of me and the family as well as having a break. I sorted out the self watering system this evening- it was nice to go outside and potter. Also I have brain space for another little rant, hang on…

Citizens – a fine term, seems very straight forward. Then it gets used tor short hand for ‘all the people that government serves’ and that just winds me up. It almost feels political. It definitely feels like the wrong boundary line, I wonder as I type what % of the people that government serves are citizens. Back when I was working on the Common Agricultural Payment Schemes the users/customers debate was hot, as ever it was more complicated and we were using holdings, see the payment is for the person that owns the land not nessrily the one running it day to day, anyway I digress, but I don’t think any of those terms captures it nor does the long phrase I used as that only had people, oh there’s an intriguing ethical debate – should machines be able to set up holdings and companies of their own free will? It doesn’t account for the systems that the government serves either like the ecosystem or the economy, but this is where it all gets (in my head at least) quite messy- still I digress massively I a fan of the word people and systems so ‘all of the people and systems that government serves’ is a much better but a clunker phrase than Users or Customers but still they are both loads better than Citizens which is bad but really not as bad as Stakeholders. Oh boy, don’t get me started.

Also it was Civil Service Live Online day 1 today. Good day, lovely seeing things blossom and other things just starting to grow.


Good day. I could only just pop in for the first 30mins of OneTeamGov Breakfast — it was lovely as ever. I’m now raking my brain as to who shared this in the group I was in

Good Civil Service Live sessions. I didn’t make it to as many as I hoped but I had some great conversations in between. Having had quite a solo focus for the last few days, it means today was about expanding back out again, or at least knowing that is what I needed to do. Yesterday I got through all my email, and today I caught up with the team email. I was gutted to see that someone lost their responses when we took the engagement platform down. Unfortunately they didn’t leave an email so I couldn’t follow up with a chat.

From my conversations I have lots to mull over. I am wondering where and how I should lean in and to what. That said I have some writing/slides to do, so tomorrow is going to be an odd mix of things. But I know it will come together on Friday.

This evening we also had the first UKGovCamp organises chat about next year. It was lovely to see almost everyone, but honestly I do miss in person catch-ups.

I think tomorrow in amongst things that I have been asked to do and that I committed to last Friday that I’m going to try and consider what I see as the/my outcomes and key results. Having used this before I think it will help in providing a back bone of a structure, I worry deeply that their is a drive for more structure that will be more that a framework to hang things on, still I also know that I tend to wander into all sorts of other people’s roles without realising. But I know that I like fluidity and structure and for me it’s about the balance. I also really by the end of the week need to get back into Trello (if anything to start cataloging everything, and linking things up so anyone can use it to pick things up)


I feel, as I come to bed, slightly cut adrift. I had some lovely conversations today and progressed on the Champions update slidepack. We had our penultimate team session, I move teams next week. What’s odd here is that on the work front nothing changes, it appears to just be a paper exercise. But its not. The Strategic Framework Team/Systems Unit and Civil Service Group of which they were apart were my Cabinet Office Home, in fact Policy Lab another part of Civil Service Group used to sit in the very same desks I used to frequent on the 4th Floor in 1 Horse Guards when I worked a few days a week in Cabinet Office on the move of the UK Location Programme into It turns out James and I crossed paths as we both worked up their and on At some point I’ll need to go in to collect things, but I’m in no rush and the risk factor for our family is too high.

In one of the chats was with someone who I had chatted on Wednesday, we had done some sharing and they mentioned someone not by name and it didn’t twig, but knowing we have a mutual appreciation for someone was very uplifting, it goes to show how small Government can be.

I said I would work on my OKR’s I didn’t but I did send a link on to someone about it as they had run a great session on the teams objective. That said I’ve been in a quandary about something’s and I worked out today what the key result is that I can monitor too see if I need to take direct action.


Focus for today, get Champions slidepack done. Yes I did ;) well as ever it was a team effort and as ever it came together at the end. I was looped in for planning for a workshop in another team, made my head spin slightly. I was glad I had no meetings all day so I could get my head down. Made a few changes to the engagement platform, I did it before breakfast. We also made a great start on the team slidepack, though that distracted me some what so I opted to put it down and focus on the Champions update pack.

I feel like I’m avoiding a lot of things in my weeknotes. I do wonder how useful they will be for me in the future.

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