Weeknotes 16th October

What I find most interesting and intriguing at the moment is the shared context that we have in this global pandemic. It can bring you closer together or it can push you apparat or both. The question is what remains.

I am in all sorts of a quandary with work. Technically my loan comes to an end on the 3rd Nov. I’m not sure if I want to stay, I have said I do but I honestly keep changing my mind on the other hand I don’t think I want to work in an HR role which is where my loan is from. I am fortunate to be in such a position to have to such a quandary on the precipice of what could be an intergenerational recession. This on the other hand does mean that there is lots to go and now I reflect on it lots of pragmatic optimism required something that I feel I have lost slightly, my fairy dust is I feel almost run out.

I am having a week and a few days off, so it’s a three day week next week and I’m rather looking forward to it.

Planning for the Reform Champions Hack is pressing ahead. I think in part it is doing Nour Sidawi head in a bit. Still I value every ounce of time she can give, it helps remind me to be me it helps me to unpack and repack things. She is also demonstrating what it means to take responsibility. In our work we often talk of accountability but I feel this is almost so well understood that we are missing the precursors to it. I’m not sure what they are but I feel like it needs unpacking.

Part of the hack will be to for Reform Champions to develop the purpose and principals for the group. I had gathered some but in mentioning I was doing it on twitter I got so many great examples back that we (Nour and I) have used some of those for the Hack prework.

I had my mid year review this week. X was lovely. I really don’t like the process, but I have learned not to make that my managers problem. That said in my latest job application I did say I detest the mid year review process, I just want to be up front.

Wonderful things for me this week:

  1. GovCamp North (couldn’t go, lots to catch-up on)
  2. 250 people in a MiroBoard at the same time
  3. Chats from two lovely people too our team
  4. The internet

So now it’s time for bed.

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