Weeknotes 16 July 2021

Going to be brief, had to many noodles.

Interviews are a ball of shite. So much work to make the majority of people not happy.

It’s really hard when you don’t have a clear winner.

The whole process brings up a lot of baggage that quickly becomes. unresolved business.

I have been on two panels this week.

This vortex even though they were on Monday and Tuesday consumed most of my week. And indeed my headspace for remembering it.

Others things

kissthegroundmovie.com was suggested as a film to watch – I’d also suggest it.

I supported Nour Sidawi in holding the OneTeamGov Retro and goal setting sessions.

I met with Mark, Charles and Mike and we discussed the nine box grid which has 26 boxes from memory.

I got prepped for the CoDEC session on OKRs and the July FFCP intro session and my best ever slide

Looking forward to Rebecca starting next week, I think I’m organised. Let’s hope the laptop turns up on Monday.

Lots of things didn’t get done – I will move them across into My MS Teams board next week so others can see them.

Working from Defra in the Future Farming and Countryside Programme, OneTeamGov and UKGovCamp. Government romantic and lover of tea