Weeknotes 15th October

Last week I didn’t make daily notes to help with weeknotes. And on Friday I was out of gas. So this week with a desire to note and notice I’m keeping some daily notes.


Was our 4th FFCP Wellbeing Day and it was a beautiful thing.


This year’s theme for 16 Days of Activism: “Orange the world: End violence against women now!” unite-campaign-2021-concept-note-en.pdf (unwomen.org) particularly of interest this years Trello with resources and twitter account @UNTrustFundEVAW

Rest of the week

So I guess note taking didn’t go as to plan. Still at least a helpful aid memoirs. I’m certainly not as tired today (Friday) as last week.

I went into the office on Wednesday — the desk I had booked was already occupied and there were other empty desks so I went and sat at one of those. Turns out I had forgotten after 2 a half years where the team sat so sat in another team — still I met Beth by accident in the corridor which was nice next time I’m in I’ll look for desks around 086 or behind the bigger tea point. I came home with some kit which will be helpful for in person events. When I met-up with Nour Sidawi after work she made the fantastic point that I should get some wheels. It was lovely seeing Nour in person again. It was all to easy to withdraw it’s so nice to slowly open up again, but it does feel a little bit odd.

On Wednesday I also had my mid year one to one with Charles. I’m going to be doing some reframing of my objectives for the next 6 Months to more accurately reflect what I’m up-too, the essence is they need to be focussed but flexible.

On Thursday in our OrgDynamics Team Show and Tell we did a review of the year which was really nice. We did a survey at the end to determine what we focus our next round of research too — and the majority of people decided on ‘What happens when it gets hard’. Also on Thursday I attended bits of GovCamp North which was nice, loved the addition of Lunch Time supplier sessions which I attended the key things I wrote down were:

How do we have less blind spots.
How do you make a big space feel small? Make it personal.

Apart from the ablest nature of the first comment, it does feel like a helpful framing for something I might be doing — well for many things.

On Friday I had some lovely coffee chats, one with Clare who has just started in Nottingham City Council she is leading on their work to go carbon neutral by 2028 and then Pamela who works in FFCP — our paths have been crossing for a while, though I’m not sure if we knew it.

I also did a review of the Privilege Walk exersise with Mirren, Karen and Lorna, which was helpful if I ever do it again in terms of what support and clarity is needed. Though it leaves me thinking more than anything — what next, what is the next thing to do to support the deepening of the conversation and action. If I’m honest thinking about having this conversation has been on my mind for the last couple of weeks. I wonder if it still will.

There’s quite a few things bubbling around at the moment in different states and I found it harder at the beginning of the week as I wanted to finish the write-up form the facilitation last week — which I did, though I do find when I finally pull the shutters down to focus and get something done I’m less bothered by everything when I’ve finished the thing I was focusing on. I’m not sure if this is good or bad — but just noticing it.

Memory Jar

Going into an office and stripping down to my T-shirt, without exposing my belly — a life skill you maybe surprised to hear that I have only recently mastered.

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