Weeknotes 14th August


Finally it’s public (it was last week). Please complete share your views.

Great kickoff session with the Reform Champions Diversity and Inclusion group, more people turned up than I expected, but the session plan just about survived.


Great generative chat with X about things, much better than last week and I managed to sit in on some of the Reform Champions discussions which was great.


James Arthur Cattell has been offered an opportunity to move on. That’s on top of S and P – lots of change in the comms and engagement team at the moment.


Got up early to make a minor update to the call for views. Didn’t work and someone emailed to say they lost there response, so frustrating.

Lots of thinking time about the Reform Champions Network by the time my last chat came I realised the thing I needed is an outline critical path, rather than all the steps and actions. I’m now pondering what the conditions for emergence are.


Got up early again, should have gone back to bed didn’t but logged back in briefly in the evening to make change. As a result of being tired I screwed up some data but I fixed it in the afternoon. Two lovely chats.


I really enjoyed the focus I found in sketching out the beginning of the Reform Champions trajectory. I need to find that focus Monday am to turn it into a critical path.

I need to start getting more disciplined again about when I work so that I, am able to articulate and consider how long things take me and I am ready for September.



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