Weeknotes 11 March

4 min readMar 11, 2022


I’ve had some quite energetic days this week. With more sunlight comes more energy. Though there is also a general fog hanging about with the war in Ukraine. I’m not on a train this week, so this maybe less ramblely but maybe not.

I know I should have postponed Wellbeing Day, but I really didn’t want too this is the curse I have with plans that I’ve shared I don’t like changing them. I feel that we need to honer the people that have made the space and time, though the calendar invite was also late and there were meetings booked in, one of which was People Group. It was a good session though it felt odd in some ways… is it a board… is it a collective of representatives… is it action oriented is it… and resolving those things as a group can sometimes be fun.

Though there were lots of great sessions in Wellbeing Day and I attend the one Sharon lead on change, which was nice, it’s hard to hear things but important too. It’s interesting how information travels and what happens to it as it does nuances get lost and replaced with inference from positional context. At one time (a few years ago) I felt that it is important to move beyond that positional context but now I feel it’s important to recognise and acknowledge it. Or to put it another way it’s good to put on different shoes to get different perspectives but you cant walk in other peoples shoes. It is their narrative not yours, there maybe similarities and these help build connection and there maybe differences and these may divide but they don’t have to do either they can simply be… this is hard. What is difficult particularly is when inequities of justice are percived… hang on I feel like I’m sinking into a deep hole lets pop out of that.

Yes that wasn’t just about the session with Sharon. Other things this week, there seems a lot I had momentarily forgotten it was March and that March always brings more things to do as indeed does September and in March’s case extra energy to do them. That said it’s only today that I’m on top of my inbox and I know next week as I don’t have any large outs that I need to dip into the recognition inbox again. I only peeked this week.

The Together Day organising crew got a full head of steem and lots of energy form going round the venue Pavilions of Harrogate last week, and we have a survey ready for next week thanks to Al and the tickets ready thanks to jenny the venue booked thanks to Calders and the start of a help guide thanks to Tracey. Hum hadn't thought of the last one like that… one tick. Actually I’m not going to do it now it’s been a productive week sorry future self that’s going on a posit — as is the note about finding another slot for our meet-up so it’s not on a Friday.

I had a chat with Afia today, which was great, it feels like were getting their interms of getting her started. The fact that their is a part of the guidance in our recruitment about ‘keeping candidates warm’ is both nice to see but also deeply disturbing in that the sheer waste of human effort created by the way we do things around here is utterly wasteful but also hidden. And as much of that is a winge and it wont help things the team that are helping with the process have been really great.

On Thursday I helped run the SLT Awayday it was a double act with Nikki (as she leads on OKRs and we focused on them) and me. Charles was also their and very supportive. I should have put more thought into the opening and closing questions. That aside we may well have cracked sound for virtual participants thanks to this…

Ah hold on I put it away — must charge it. Another post it. I think next week I’m going to have a spring clean of my desk.

Also I feel like we have movement on something re the reorg and that’s great. I just need to type it up into a note. I put this off.

And with the memory now of all the things I haven't quite done, before I ruin the memory of a productive week, I’m going to stop




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