Weeknotes 10th Dec

2 min readDec 10, 2021

Another week and it feels like they seem to be speeding up. They still have there slow thinky bits in them. Thought it was sad to say goodbye to Mirren in Time to Think, I’ve really enjoyed working with her and hope to remain in touch.

On Monday we had our 6th Wellbeing Day, I went to some sessions, though we had a meeting for Project X that ment I couldn’t do one. In one of the session I went too Matt talked us through this

Learn to Read Korean in 15 Minutes (ryanestrada.com)

And in another where we had a guest speaker he made me think about how labels are important for accessing information and services but anything more than that they are a hindrance.

On Tuesday we had people from Nene Park telling us what their up too at All Hands. It was a good session and Rohan discovered they have meeting rooms so we maybe going there sometime.

I’ve asked Calders for some more quotes for Together Day venues which we should get back next Friday. So looking forward to those.

Charles, Sharon, Mike and I bonded over a bonkers user research MS Teams whiteboard. It’s the last time we will be using that inefficient pice of turd for a while. My morning became clear on Thursday so I finshed moing everything else – it was a good feeling. I danced with the dogs and had porridge for lunch.

I got access to the people survey results and have downloaded the high level reports for all the teams just waiting on the green light to send them. Will move onto the detail reports next week, and see what bespoke reports the Senior Leadership Team may like.

Lots of other lovely chats as ever this week, should have started these sooner but wanted to get the Christmas Tree 🎄




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