What if all the networks, communities and groups across, through and beyond government came together on one weekend online to hold UKGovSuperCamp? What if everyone working in service be that public, crown, civil, forces, police, health sector all parts and outposts of the system of government that connects to and beyond the U.K. had the opportunity to come together over 48hrs one weekend because we truly do support the country 24/7 we are truly spread around the globe and our networks, communities and groups are all global. If we come together for a multiplicity of open space events, seminars, round tables, fireside chats and lots of cups of tea, to discuss and build how our steps to our future? (Or what ever you wanted to discuss)

Am I pushing things to far? Is my brain getting carried away with it’s self – could this be a thing?

Working from Defra in the Future Farming and Countryside Programme, OneTeamGov and UKGovCamp. Government romantic and lover of tea