Some random notes

1 min readJun 2, 2023


A plan is not important, but you can’t do without planning or it’s universal language.

It is better to start something even if it might make things worse than only ever mapping out all the things.

There is no right perspective, approach, tool or model but their are many that I haven’t found yet and worse, some I love to much.

I need to talk to people, I am good with talking to people, my most favourite thing to do is not to speak.

Small actions have large impact, because no one manages them.

Notice what you take responsibility for, start with the small things like your litter* and work your way up to a world in harmony.

You can make a cake and eat it, but if you eat all the cake you make and make all the cake you can, when you’re done you won’t ever eat cake again.

Anything can be addictive, when you’re addicted to something it is hard to see it even though you’re probably talking about it so ask other people what they are hearing.

True honesty hurts, be careful how you weald that sword.

Understanding your craft is an art.

If you breakdown everything into manageable chunks it becomes everything.

Being in the sun smelling the wind is one of the easiest things to do, but I don’t do it enough




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