Some Notes 26 August

4 min readAug 26, 2022


It’s been precisely four months and one day since I’ve written and published some notes. I do miss the action of reflecting particularly at the end of the week and sharing it.

I’ve never really got into tweet notes maybe because I love rambling and seeing where my rambles take me. Though I do need to hone the art of verbal communication pression particularly if I would like to move grade. It’s not something I was considering but the opportunity came up to do paternity cover. In the interview on a question about teams I went down a ramble that I had not anticipated focusing on myself rather than the team. In short I didn't answer the question. I had got quite caught up in the emotion of the story I was telling which started from a previous example I gave. The other thing I learned is not to try and develop a narrative ark through multiple examples they need to stand alone and to only use one example appropriate to the question from that time frame. So even though I’m not doing the paternity cover I gained lots from doing the interview which was almost two weeks ago some of which I got through feedback and much of which that I’m sure I’m still processing.

I’ve recently picked up Learning and Development for FFCP. What does this mean? Still working that out, but in simple terms not getting in the way of things that have already started, holding space for Heads of Profession to meet and share what they are up to.

I was thinking about learning, how I learn and why it’s Learning and Development. My process seems to be something like:


But it’s not a linear process like that, because I’m not linear and also I’m not starting from scratch. I can notice what someone is doing, try doing it myself and then one day read about it. Or just try something I’ve read but go back and read around it more deeply and then start to understand and appreciate it. This definitely needs more pondering on.

I had a wonderful conversation this week with someone about some work they are doing in the Programme, and I can see so many cross overs, and potential if the work gets the attention it needs. Which reminds me I need to add it to the Trello so I come back to it, it’s very easy when I need to give teams space to do not to come back to things and check in. I also realise that I there are only so many things that you can check in on successfully in a week.

And yes I have finally moved all my postits back into Trello. Well I say I, Afia started the trello to keep an eye on what she was doing. I do appreciate that now there are two of us doing People Engagement and were online more than in person that I need to share what I’m up-to. I’m still not quite in the flow with it but I’ve notice the deliberate act of recording what I’m doing is also making me notice more what I am doing and where I’m spending my time. I can also see it paying dividends in the future to help me find things.

I’m not sure when I first reflected on it, but we seem not to notice or have taken for granted efficiencies. It’s a conversation I have had before about the home, and efficiencies in washing be that my grandmas in clothes or my mum in dishes. In the context of work and the office of today I often recount the story of my grandpas both of which did roles that have long since been replaced by electrons — I feel I should write on this more somewhere else. In my day to day context in supporting Afia I’m noticing the difference in time to craft and send an email and how in only a matter of months this as increased exponentially (I’m being hyperbolic) but the time gained is filling with other things I know as I’m the source for most of them at the moment. I feel it’s almost part of my role in supporting her to ensure that the mix of things is right and that she can see, appreciate and get value from the efficacies she has gained. How I have this conversation I’m not entirely sure.

On Tuesday I met-up with Nour and James for lunch and it was lovely. We sat on a bench in St James Park and and nattered. We watched the world go by and also do headstands on litter bins. So many leaves have fallen, it’s like summer and autumn combined, very odd.

I also saw James in the evening as we had our #ukgc23 planning session. Sarah and Amanda were not so well which is always hard. There is a longing to be together, to be complete. Vee, Coco, David, James and I had a good planning chat… lots of exciting things :)

This weeks readings:

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