Cultural Reading

DavidBuck on Twitter: “This week I’m going to be doing some reading on culture. Particularly culture in/of organisations and groups/teams. I have some thoughts but welcome all and any suggestions.”

A list of all the things very lovely people recommended

Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux
Organizational Culture and Leadership by Edgar H Schein
RSA Animate: The surprising truth about what motivates us adapted from Dan Pink’s talk
Simon Sinek i.e. Leaders Eat Last
Helen Bevan on Twitter i.e. Are you a multiplier or a diminisher?
The Conscious Effect: 50 lessons for wellbeing by @consciousworks0
Drive by @DanielPink
The making of a manager by Julie Zhuo
Daring greatly by @BreneBrown
Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility @pattymccord1
How to start a movement Derek Sivers
The power of believing that you can improve Carol Dweck
Anthro-Vision: How Anthropology Can Explain Business and Life @gilliantett
Emerald: Leadership and Cultural Webs in Organisations by Adrian McLean
Culture is the Behavior You Reward and Punish by Jocelyn Goldfein
Steven Sinofsky on Twitter: ‘how disruptive forces take hold’
Corporate Rebels @corp_rebels
The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

I love this from Amanda it lead me to finding out about bluethroat chats

In everything you ‘can find lessons for team/org culture’

I have a chat with @CulturevistMatt see also culturevist which was lovely and I’m going to chat to Sammantha from DfE.

Other things

I went to a session on Human Learning Systems (I think it was the first public airing): Human Learning Systems

I read this Stop Trying to Create Organizational Culture by Evan Wildstein and from there, via @CreativeMornings I came to a video with Megan Rhiannon and another book.

I dug around Cultural Inheritance for a bit. I like this UNESCO | Living heritage and nature and this Dive into intangible cultural heritage! — intangible heritage — Culture Sector — UNESCO from which it’s derived.

I’m not keen on the machine vibes but as thing to develop more questions from it felt helpful 28-components-to-constructing-effective-corporate-culture

I read this

And a lovely chat yesterday has provided both towards-a-new-holistic-framework-of-systems-change-adapting-geels-transition-theory by Tatiana Fraser
Building Ecosystems For Positive Change By Tatiana Fraser & Rachel Sinha




Working from Defra in the Future Farming and Countryside Programme, OneTeamGov and UKGovCamp. Government romantic and lover of tea

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Working from Defra in the Future Farming and Countryside Programme, OneTeamGov and UKGovCamp. Government romantic and lover of tea

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