After I have had a singular focus, everything other type of focus is a bit meh. And though a brilliant week, aside from the soggy start and overeating snacks, it’s a bit well meh. I don’t feel like I’ve finished anything, (though I have), I’ve also started things and progressed other things so there now feels like more lose ends. Oh well.

Mike our Delivery Manager reviled a tidier more streamlined Trello during our retrospective this week and I really like it. It’s really clear where the focus is. …

I’m not sure how to start this week. Yesterday I did my first in person thing with people from work. It was just lovely. There were hugs, brief hugs.

This meant I went on the tube, there were more people than I thought their might be. I got out at Westminster and walked to the venue (more on that later) I walked past the outpouring of love that is the National Covid Memorial Wall

I don’t know who started it, but it feels like something to be maintained over the years so I’ll find a piece of red chalk for…

I’m not trusted, and that’s really hard to accept and has zapped me of all my energy. This comes down to an issue over pay — I have been overpaid, I need to pay it back. The person I spoke to in HR can’t trust that I haven't got a refund from HMRC and not told them. Yet I was the person to tell HR that they had overpaid me, to share all my payslips from Cabinet Office which they clearly haven't bothered to look at. I’ve also paid back what I thought I had. I feel unsupported by my…

I say it quite often, I love what I do. It’s not all plain sailing but I still love it. So this image of my back teeth isn’t for what I do, but all the stuff around what I do that I’m fed up off that I could very easily rant about for ages and for somethings like my work laptop I already have. But this week no ranting just an image of some of my back teeth.

A picture of my upper back teeth and fillings.

Now that’s out of the way I feel much better.

I’ve mostly been pumped all week, in a good way. …

We want to maintain some things we’ve already done, and to aim for a goal which needs coordinated, sustained effort over time.

Drafted by Nour Sidawi and DavidBuck and reviewed by the ever generous Sam Villis on behalf of everyone at One Team Gov.

Image of One Team Gov, featuring Canada, Wales, Australia, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, and Sweden

Why we’re writing this

“[One Team Gov is] a desire for positive change, a belief in the possibilities of better people-centred public services, a will to share and collaborate…and, most of all, an appreciation that we are all stronger when we work together”

- Kit Collingwood, One Team Gov UK

One Team Gov is a public sector reform movement whose aim is to take practical action to improve public services and reform the way we work. …

I noticed something some time back, something that I did and I’m very thankful that I’m not taking that approach now. I’m getting ready for not being around the laptop (lets call it work), not ready for being at my place of work (my desk at home) but instead up hills and on the beach.

The thing that I don't do is suddenly get all crazy and finish absolutely everything I feel I could do. This week though there was some of that, causing more work for people which irritates me when I do that. …


As weeks go that felt quite tough. I’m British so I’m going to start talking about weather. It was warm, I think we topped 31. But I was up with the larks most mornings today was a sluggish 6:20am start. I took the dogs for walks, I weeded, emptied and refilled paddling the paddling pool, sometimes I started earlier than normal and sometimes finished later. I’m glad it’s cooler though but I’ll miss those early mornings as I start to snuggle under the duvet again.

Tuesday seemed the most packed with things, I completely forgot I was going to run…

Going to be brief, had to many noodles.

Interviews are a ball of shite. So much work to make the majority of people not happy.

It’s really hard when you don’t have a clear winner.

The whole process brings up a lot of baggage that quickly becomes. unresolved business.

I have been on two panels this week.

This vortex even though they were on Monday and Tuesday consumed most of my week. And indeed my headspace for remembering it.

Others things was suggested as a film to watch – I’d also suggest it.

I supported Nour Sidawi in holding the…

As I said last week, or was it the week before that what I do comes in waves, that It’s just the nature of it. Rather than fill up the gaps in-between the waves and create even bigger waves I appreciate the quite moments — the space to craft, to reflect, to get on-top of things that I’ve ignored so I can focus. But anyway that wasn’t this week, but it wasn’t this week in a very nice and very wonderful way. …

Drawings including a knife, spanner, folded umbrellas and office in a desert.

Right I think I have enough time on Monday to finalise the session on Wellbeing for the CoDEC team (my wider team)… and this is one reason why I enjoy doing weeknotes, I clearly wasn't quite happy enough as I’ve just beetled away and sorted some things out.

Right now I think I ready to type and reflect. I’m not as in much of a vulnerable/depressed/open/fragile state this week. …


Working from Defra in the Future Farming and Countryside Programme, OneTeamGov and UKGovCamp. Government romantic and lover of tea

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