Normally by the end of the week even if I’m tired my brain buzzes, I think of something and write it down for next week. It used to last all weekend but I’ve slowly found ways to calm it and weeknotes is now a part of that calming and sorting process. This week has not ended like that as it feels like I’m driving with the handbrake on, a sort of fog descend, last night I felt almost drunk on it. No I haven’t double dosed on my pills or drink any alcohol. I already had a check booked for next week, let’s hope it goes over the weekend.

There have been upsides. My slowerness means I could get quite focused at times and absorbed in things. I hope future me is grateful. I even used Trello to work out what to do at one point.



I long to live in a world free of tyranny,

I long to live in a world free of hate

But it’s all around me, through me, in me,

For me it’s to late.

All I can do now is hold it and never let it escape,

All I can do now is challenge it, consider it, console it.




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